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About Nobilis Showroom Gallery

Founded in 2010 in the heart of New York, Nobilis is more than just a showroom; it’s a celebration of the extraordinary in interior design and art. Here, the extraordinary is not the exception, but our signature. In the world of high-end design and vibrant, modern culture, we have positioned ourselves as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

We represent a meticulous selection of premium brands and international artists, each with a unique approach that reflects a colorful and extraordinary vision of life and home. Our gallery is a community that connects design enthusiasts, artists, and brands. Here, you will discover unique pieces that will enrich any space in your home, backed by the highest standards of excellence and authenticity.

What would happen if the best voices in interior design came together in one place? We made it possible. With expert advice, rigorously quality-checked products, and impeccable service, we inspire people to create and transform their spaces into extraordinary experiences.

Now, there are no limits to an extraordinary home and life.

How to buy on Nobilis

What are the current trends in the online market for high-end home decor pieces?

Abstract art emerges as the leading trend in the online market for high-end home decor pieces. This exceptionally versatile and timeless artistic style allows for a broad creative expression. Decorative pieces have the ability to convey specific moods in any interior space. Expressionism, due to its highly emotive and modern interpretation of reality, remains undeniably popular in this category.

What are the advantages of acquiring high-end home decor pieces online compared to a physical art gallery?

Purchasing high-end home decor pieces online offers many advantages. From an accessibility and convenience standpoint, online galleries are available 24/7, significantly simplifying the acquisition process. The wide range of options, information, and prices constitutes another distinctive allure of online galleries, especially for younger collectors.

What are the delivery times for the home decor pieces acquired online?

At Nobilis, our goal is to deliver orders of luxury home decor pieces within 7 to 10 days after purchase. Delivery times vary depending on the country. Custom-made pieces tend to take longer to be delivered.

What are the warranties and insurance offered by the online purchase of high-end home decor pieces at Nobilis?

When purchasing high-end home decor pieces at Nobilis, your order is fully insured in case of damage or loss. You are entitled to a full refund if any issues arise with your order. All return costs will be covered by Nobilis. You also have the option to have the artwork repaired (without additional charges) or exchanged. Please note that custom-made products are not eligible for returns.

Nobilis Showroom

Welcome to Nobilis, where art and engineering converge in a symphony of form and function.

We proudly  welcome David Copello Guild from the San Francisco Bay Area, a distinguished figure in industrial art. He blends ancient beauty with contemporary design, ensuring each piece is uniquely numbered in the realm of luxury design