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Nestled in the heart of New York city’s architectural district, Mergal Architecture & Design firm stands as a beacon of timeless design. With over two decades in the industry, they’ve been part of the restoration of some of the city’s beautiful landmarks, a testament to their commitment to preserving cultural patrimony.

In an age of skyscrapers and steel, Mergal is a firm reminder of the beauty of architectural history spanning over 2,000 years. Their designs, while rooted in the past, seamlessly integrate modern innovations. This blend of old and new has led to their involvement in projects ranging from historic churches to contemporary restaurants, each echoing tales of times gone by while embracing the future.

Credits: Peter Murdock (photographer), Philippa Brathwaite (stylist), Cynthia Readlinger (decorator) – Copyright of Mergal Architecture & Design firm.

Mergal’s approach is both an art and a science. They delve deep into the history of spaces, often uncovering forgotten tales that then inspire their designs. Their “research and discovery” phase has led to some intriguing finds, like 19th-century manuscripts in a renovation project, which they then incorporated into the design narrative.Mergal was behind the restoration of one of the city’s oldest buildings, a historic 5- story townhouse in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. While the owners were enamoured with the original interiors, Mergal seamlessly integrated modern amenities, ensuring the residence retained its Renaissance charm. The transformation included the addition of a six-stop residential elevator, comprehensive reorganisation of the upper floors to house 12 bedrooms with individual bathrooms, and a thorough upgrade of all essential systems.

Credits: Peter Murdock (photographer), Philippa Brathwaite (stylist), Cynthia Readlinger (decorator) – Copyright of Mergal Architecture & Design firm.

Beyond their architectural marvels, Mergal offers a unique “Architectural Storytelling” service. Here, they not only design spaces but also provide clients with a historical and cultural narrative of the space, making it a living testament to its past, present, and future.You can find them through their website at

Credits: Copyright of Mergal Architecture & Design firm

NY TileMakers

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of New York City’s design landscape, Andru Eron’s unique ceramic artistry shines brightly. With roots tracing back to his formative years at the renowned Parsons School of Design, Andru seamlessly transitioned from art school to the world of residential and commercial construction, all while nurturing his passion for ceramics during the night.

Today, his firm, New York Tilemakers, is a testament to his dedication and skill, specializing in large-scale ceramic mosaics that adorn public spaces throughout the city. From intricate murals at LaGuardia Airport to bespoke tiles for residential projects, Andru’s work is a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. His commitment to preserving the rich tapestry of stories and memories, encapsulated within each tile, sets him apart in a city known for its relentless pursuit of innovation.

Credits: Copyright © of NY Tilemakers

Andru Eron’s method of design is a delicate balance of creativity and precision, a dance between imagination and meticulous detail. He immerses himself in the essence of spaces, drawing inspiration from their histories and the stories they hold. Each project begins with an intensive “research and discovery” phase, a journey into the past, seeking to understand the narrative that the space embodies. Such explorations have led to remarkable revelations, like understanding the cultural and historical significance of a location, which then becomes an integral part of his design ethos. This commitment to delving deep ensures that every tile and mosaic crafted by New York Tilemakers is not just a piece of decor but a story waiting to be told. With each creation, Andru aims to bridge the past with the present, crafting timeless designs that resonate with both history and contemporary aesthetics.


Credits: Copyright © of NY Tilemakers

Beyond his exquisite tile creations, Andru Eron and his feline muse, Luna, introduce a distinctive “Ceramic Storytelling” approach at New York Tilemakers. With Luna’s soft calico fur as a backdrop, Andru crafts tiles that are more than just decorative pieces. He embeds them with a narrative, reflecting the history, culture, and essence of the spaces they’re destined for. Each tile becomes a living testament to its inspiration, bridging the past with the present, and hinting at a future filled with beauty and meaning. Dive deeper into their world through their website at


Credits: Copyright © of NY Tilemakers

Kate Turbina

In the bustling design ecosystem of Istanbul, a city where East meets West, Kate Turbina’s innovative approach to interior design and furniture creation stands out. Honored to have been an invited lecturer at prestigious institutions like Pratt Institute and Parsons School in New York, Kate has seamlessly blended her academic insights with practical experience. Today, she is the force behind LOCAL MADE™, a brand that is redefining the boundaries of interior design.

Kate’s journey in the design world is nothing short of remarkable. Having collaborated with global giants like Marriott, Mars Wrigley, IKEA, and Mercedes Benz, she has honed her skills across various international and local architectural agencies, including Today&Laboratory, Front Architecture, and IND architects Vladimir Radutny. Her global network spans four continents, with projects in cities as diverse as Istanbul, Moscow, Miami, Dubai, and London.

Credits: Copyright © of © 2023

What sets Kate apart is her ability to adapt and excel in different settings. A former co-founder of M3 architects, Kate has since moved on to become a co-founder at Alot and after that created her own brand Local Made and developed her own team at Whether it’s leading her own initiatives or collaborating with established brands, Kate knows how to be both a leader and a doer. Her experience in designing public interiors has led her to become a co-founder at ALot, a brand featured in renowned magazines like ELLE.DECOR, AD Magazine, and Interior+Design in 2021-2022 and after that ti create her own furniture collection Local Made.

Kate’s approach to design is deeply rooted in understanding the needs of architects to decorate locations effectively and quickly. She believes in the simplicity of forms, often highlighted by glossy volumes and bright details. The brand’s main aesthetic comprises concrete walls, natural flooring, and panoramic windows, punctuated by items from famous manufacturers like Menu, And Tradition, Artemide, and more.

Credits: Copyright © of © 2023

Kate’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design is evident in her ongoing research about the intersection of AI, Machine Learning, and the design sphere. This forward-thinking approach ensures that every piece created under LOCAL MADE™ is not just a piece of furniture but a glimpse into the future of interior design.

Kate is always on the lookout for like-minded individuals who are brave enough to experiment and share innovative ideas. If her concept resonates with you, she welcomes any form of collaboration and invites you to explore more projects on her Instagram

You can also have a look at her portfolio on her official website at

Credits: Copyright © of © 2023


In a world where sustainability and innovation often go hand-in-hand, RealRok™ is setting new standards in the realm of natural stone veneers. With its ultra-thin, reinforced design, RealRok™ is not just a product; it’s a game-changer in the industry.

RealRok™ is an ultra-thin, reinforced, natural stone veneer that comes in expansive 4 x 10 feet sheets. Despite its large size, these veneers are incredibly lightweight, making them suitable for installation on any smooth surface. With over 40+ different versions available, RealRok™ is versatile enough to enhance both interior and exterior walls.

Credits: Copyright © of Realrok™ 2023

General contractors will find the installation process to be quick and straightforward. Once sealed with a natural stone sealer of your choice, RealRok™ becomes a low-maintenance, stain-resistant surface that can be easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Moreover, it is resistant to scratches, heat, impact, and corrosive chemical agents, making it a durable choice for any setting.

One of the standout features of RealRok™ is its thickness—or rather, its lack thereof. With a thickness ranging from 0.024 inches to a maximum of 0.12 inches, it is significantly thinner than traditional natural stones like granite, which usually have a minimum thickness of 0.39 inches. This unique feature allows for the production of thousands of feet of veneer while conserving valuable natural resources.

Credits: Copyright © of Realrok™ 2023

The practicality of RealRok™ is set to make it a popular choice in the world of decorative products. Its flexibility is a significant advantage, allowing for installation on curved surfaces like round columns and walls. Essentially, the only limit to how you can use RealRok™ is your imagination.

RealRok™ is committed to environmental sustainability, not just in its end product but also in its production process. The company employs methods that are more efficient and eco-friendly than conventional stone production techniques. This results in fewer particles released into the environment and less waste overall.

You can visit them on their official website at

Credits: Copyright © of Realrok™ 2023


In the heart of New York City, where architectural marvels abound, 2MO stands as a testament to innovation, functionality, and aesthetic brilliance. Founded by Mohsen Moghaddam, a visionary with a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from The New York City College, 2MO is redefining the landscape of design and construction.

Born into a Persian family with a strong background in engineering and business management, Mohsen’s passion for entrepreneurship and Building was ignited from an early age. While exploring his inner artist, he embarked on a journey into sculpting as his initial career path. As time progressed, he discovered that architecture provided the perfect bridge between his engineering expertise and artistic skills. It quickly became evident that he possessed a talent for this field, making it the natural focal point of his professional journey.

Credits: Copyright © of © 2023

2MO is not just your typical design studio, it’s a brand that embodies the essence of building spaces with an unwavering focus on Design, Art, Experience and Property Value. The firm excels in the art of optimizing space planning and enhancing rooms with functional layouts. 2MO’s success is grounded in its client-centric philosophy, where every project is a collaborative journey, starting from complimentary site visits and continuing through the renovation process.

Residing in the vibrant metropolis of New York City, Mohsen draws inspiration from the city’s  architectural diversity, whether he’s navigating its streets on foot, by car, or astride his motorbike. Mohsen believes that while construction is an ancient practice, the approach to it needs modernization. 2MO is at the forefront of integrating new technologies like virtual reality and 3D printing to craft custom objects and elevate its projects to new heights.

Credits: Copyright © of © 2023

In 2MO’s ongoing commitment to broaden its services in Westchester County, they are set to open a brand-new showroom at 43 Lincoln Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801, in the winter of 2023. This space aims to be a creative hub where design, art, sculpting, and architecture intersect and flourish.

2MO’s portfolio showcases their commitment to excellence and innovation. Some of their noteworthy projects include:

For more information you can visit their official website at

Credits: Copyright © of © 2023